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Viveka Story

Viveka Healthcare was housed in a Victorian Church hall. The dynamic ebb and flow of people took place in a spacious welcoming reception area that led to treatment and diagnostic rooms housed on three floors. The hall in the basement served as a yoga and baby massage area, a pre- and post-natal meeting space and as a conference centre for medical and complementary workshops. Many men, women and children enjoyed using Viveka as their main resource for medical and alternative diagnosis and treatments, encompassing mind, body and spirit.

Viveka Healthcare continued to provide care for 17 years. When it closed its physical doors, the team founded Viveka Virtual. Although no longer under one roof, the doctors and therapists continued to support one another and their patients.  Each consultant still works independently but is in close touch with the other specialists and consultants for referrals, knowing patients will receive high-quality care and treatment.

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The values we share

We offer each other professional expertise where differing opinions are often of value.

We have a holistic integrated approach, searching for root causes of symptoms and dis-ease by exploring a wide range of lifestyle and biological factors including stress, nutrition, exercise, emotional health, family and peer group patterns, and spiritual influences.

We respect both conventional medicine and complementary therapies, believing that they support one another rather than being in conflict.

We inform ourselves of latest developments and discoveries, sharing new ideas and understandings of how people manage the complexity of modern life.

How it Works

We all work independently yet we are in close touch with each of the other specialists.

We are happy to refer to one of the other professionals in the community who maybe better suited to the patient’s issues.