Dr Andy Raffles


Since 1989 Andy has worked as a holistic paediatric consultant alongside Yehudi Gordon and colleagues, and he has had a long association with the Birth Unit at St John and Elizabeth Hospital and with Viveka Healthcare. He provided leadership and advice about the neonatal and paediatric services offered by Viveka and The Birth Unit unit. He has been strongly influenced by the holistic humane approach that put the child and parent at the centre of everything. Andy has also contributed to a range of books and guidelines.

Andy continues to provide high-quality child health care from newborn to adolescence as clinical lead for a group of consultant paediatricians at Dr Ian Hay Ltd, based at the Portland Hospital and in clinics in North London. He heads a team of 9 consultant paediatricians with wide-ranging talents – which include General Paediatrics, Care of the Newborn, Childhood continence advice, Specialist in Immunology, Infection, Autism, and Attention Deficit Disorder and Development assessment. The practice doctors continue the ethos offering conventional paediatric medical care but within a holistic family orientated service, taking into account the collective needs of children and young people, parents, and carers. We also advise and treat the general health needs of babies and children.

Andy retired from NHS paediatric practice in Hertfordshire in 2018 after 30 years. He continues his private practice and clinical leadership role.

Telephone:  0207 390 8295
E-mail:  office@drianhayltd.co.uk
Website: www.drianhayltd.com

Clinics at:
The Portland Hospital, 234 Gt Portland Street, London, W1W 5QT
The Centennial Medical Centre, Centennial Way, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3FG