Functional Medicine


Gabi Brogan

Palliative Care, Hypnotherapy and Functional Medicine

I am a consultant physician working for 29 years in the NHS. I have trained in Palliative Care, Hypnotherapy and Functional Medicine. I believe that an empathic and trusting doctor-client relationship is key and lies at the heart of holistic care. I have experience of how dis-ease in a person’s body and mind is expressed in its own unique way and how it is influenced by an array of internal and external factors. Thus, a holistic approach to ill-health is vitally important to address the underlying root causes. I combine the best of conventional medicine with an integrated approach using; Hypnotherapy, Functional Medicine (focusing on the root cause of dis-ease within a scientific model) and suggesting lifestyle changes.  I guide people to the most suited complementary therapy for their needs and work with colleagues to provide holistic care for my patients.   

Dr Gabi Brogan MBChB MRCP Hyp Cert CS