Luke Mullen

Kinesiologist and Tension Reduction Exercises Provider

Luke is a Systematic Kinesiologist and certified TRE Provider (Tension Reduction Exercises). He specialises in treating stress and anxiety, working with the body to help ‘switch off’ fight/flight and freeze responses of the nervous system. Anxiety and stress impact every system in the body with pain, digestive, hormonal, autoimmune and structural issues. Modulating the nervous system helps create a vibrant and expansive space for the body to heal.

Kinesiology uses the energetic bio feedback system of the body to diagnose the body’s unique individual language. It addresses physical chemical, electrical and emotional aspects and this helps bring the person into balance. Kinesiology is a wonderful detective tool to find the root of complex issues.

TRE is a series of seven simple exercises that evoke the body’s natural mechanism to shake or tremor, thus releasing stuck energy. TRE aids embodiment; the capacity to tolerate emotional experiences in the body.

Luke has worked with people of all ages, with many different conditions illuminating issues gently, encouraging curiosity and ultimately helping to provide choice. Luke has found that TRE and Kinesiology are effective complimentary treatments; TRE greatly helps PTSD and Kinesiology often improves the efficacy of medication and eases the body through painful states.

“I had done all the tests you could probably have, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, scans, blood tests etc … and even though I was very relieved I had nothing, I still couldn’t explain the pain in my stomach, the acidity and the extreme tiredness. I couldn’t eat and I was losing too much weight. I was reluctant to stop my anti acid medication or to take supplements; even more reluctant to take some to increase acidity! But as Luke was testing these specific supplements on my body I could feel the change in the muscular tests. He also massaged and worked points on the whole body. After the session I felt alive. I didn’t feel tired anymore, and most important I was able to eat! All of sudden, I could have a normal life again. I can’t express the relief and happiness.” (Client Eva 40 yrs)

“Luke has worked with my daughter and me for a few years now. He has helped us to maintain our balance and he has also rescued both of us at times of intense stress, whether that stress has been primarily physical, emotional or mental.” (Client’s words, Patricia 63)

​Telephone: +44 (0) 7986 904771