Our Story

Yehudi Gordon, a holistic obstetrician and gynaecologist and his consultant partner Faith Haddad, founded Viveka in 1996. In Sanskrit Viveka means Truth, the power enabling the mind to distinguish what is true.

Yehudi is a pioneer. He was a medical researcher and a member of the Active birth movement helping to introduce active and water birth to the UK. Yehudi founded the holistic Birth Unit initially in Hendon and later in St John’s Wood in London. Viveka Healthcare was situated near the Birth Unit.

Viveka Healthcare was an integrated practice with consultant doctors and complimentary therapists. Families were welcomed from conception into childhood through puberty into adulthood to the menopause. 

The doctors included allergy specialists, general practitioners, fertility specialists, functional medicine specialists, gynaecologists, obstetricians, paediatricians and ultrasound specialists. 

Complementary therapists ranged from acupuncture, constellation family system therapy, counselling, gentle birth preparation, homeopathy, healing, hypnotherapy, massage, osteopathy, reflexology, reiki and yoga. 

Viveka Healthcare was housed in a Victorian Church hall. The dynamic ebb and flow of people took place in a spacious welcoming reception area that led to treatment and diagnostic rooms housed on three floors. The hall in the basement served as a yoga and baby massage area, a pre- and post-natal meeting space and as a conference centre for medical and complementary workshops. Many men, women and children enjoyed using Viveka as their main resource for medical and alternative diagnosis and treatments, encompassing mind, body and spirit.

Viveka Healthcare continued to provide care for 17 years. When it closed its physical doors, the team founded Viveka Virtual. Although no longer under one roof, the doctors and therapists continued to support one another and their patients.  Each consultant still works independently but is in close touch with the other specialists and consultants for referrals, knowing patients will receive high-quality care and treatment.

Yehudi Gordon retired from medical practice in March 2020 after 54 years as a doctor. He specialised in holistic care, active birth and natural hormone treatment. Yehudi remains actively involved with the consultants and therapists at Viveka Virtual.